November 27, 2009

Spaghetti railway

( 日本語は英語の後でー )

Recently a new tram was released, [S2] SLRAIL 4SEATER Christmas Edition. Customers who bought this product immediately built a nice track layout!

I was amazed at the sight of it... I have never seen such a huge and chaotic layout. If you next to me now, you might think the same thing with me.

You should visit here, and kick up your heels :)

SLRAIL Xmas Edition is released @ my shop!

Standard edition (2-seater and 4-seater) is available, too ;)

Please access to my shop!
[S2] sTwo @ Nipponbashi SIM


ソラマメの日常ブログの方では既にご紹介済みですが、ウチのトロッコを買うてくれたお客様がすんごいレールをひきましたよ。 画像は上のを見ていただくとして、一回行ってみてくだせぇ。 ぜひに。 すんごいから。 プリム数が(そこかよ


[S2] sTwo 日本橋店


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