December 20, 2009

[S2] SitTarget Checker

( 日本語は英語の後で☆ )

Existing Product Introduction.

[S2] SitTarget Checker

  • You can get the best position and rotation for sitting.
  • This is the checker for standard sit pose. If you use an original sit pose, the further adjustment of the position of the waist is necessary. But the adjustment of rotation is not necessary.

This tool will be helpful to really sit down on the chair made with Prim Oven. Or the cases that obtained the chair which a script was not in.

A dummy doll and a triangle to set at the position of the chair are included in this product.

At first, you match the triangle with a position and a rotation same as the chair.

Second, you let the dummy doll sit down on the chair as you like.

Third, you click the dummy doll. Then the script is displayed in Local Chat window. Please copy the text from "default" to lowest "}" to clipboard.
( Copy: Windows is Ctrl+C, Mac is Command+C )

At the chair, push "New Script" button to create the new script.

Open that new script, and paste the text which you copied before. (Please delete all the text written there already.)

Save, and finished!!

If you use an original sit pose, the position to sit may slip off up and down. In that case, please fine-tune the position of the dummy doll.

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